Slap on the Face to the First Amendment – US Constitution

Meet Ms. Ilhan Omar, first year Congresswoman, and first muslim American woman and former refugee to serve in Congress. Ms. Omar is a target of the Trump Administration, some Political Action Committees and some fellow and sister members of Congress. She is outspoken and unconventional. This is a cause for celebration, not scorn. However, the flames of hatred have been stoked and now rage. Those who do not defend Ms. Omar’s First Amendment rights, effectively squelch mine. I stand by Ilhan.

I Stand With Ilhan. First Amendment Proud.

Saint Chewbacca

Meet Chewbacca. I have given him the name Saint because this magnificent creature died protecting his human from a gang of attackers wielding knives. His mom said there were three of them coming at her and Saint Chewbacca fought like a bear. This is my tribute to a most brave four legged soul. With gratitude and love, to the animal kingdom. Thank you for love and protection since the dawn of time.