Land of Aloha People and Pele – Big Island of Hawai’i

Plumeria along Jimmy Stewart Ranch Road, Captain Cook

On Jimmy Stewart Ranch Road, these beauties overlook the sea and fill air and atmosphere with aloha

Kealakekua Bay, Captain Cook, Island of Hawai’i Sunset

Hawai’i Volcanoes National Park

“Chants come to us from the time of antiquity and someone observed and created the chant and passed it down,” said Hawaii Community College instructor Leialoha Kaleimamahu, who is from Kaimu in Puna. “The function of Pele is to establish land for all of us and the creatures who live on the land. West Hawaii Today

Pele’s glow against the night stars at the observatory – May 2013

Wild Cat at Akaka Falls, Island of Hawai’i

Wild Cat at Akaka Falls, Hilo Side, Hawai’i

Two Headed Cat – sweetie purrs

Two Headed Litter Mate

South Point – Jump In Hole, Don’t Look Back

When visiting South Point, look for the aloha graffiti ladies dancing in the wind (see featured image for this page) on a low beach wall at the end of the public access road. There, as of my last visit, you can hire locals to drive you to the peridot (green sand) beach. It is not advisable to meander in the surf and down the cliffs without precautions and expert assistance. Help is not close by and the conditions can be treacherous, and well worth the risk of seeing it with your own eyes.

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