Protest Art: Political

Putin’s Puppet Trumpet 

Putin’s Puppet Trumpet

Despot Trump

Despot Trump

Screaming My Heart Out

Screaming My Heart Out

Nullify 45

Nullify 45 for Fraud against America
Nullification is a perfect equitable remedy for a con man who does not deserve a presidential library, and who is doing irreparable harm to America.

Roger Dodger, Green Man 2019 Trump Treason Train strikes

Roger Dodger, Trump Treason Train

TrumpPence Neglect – Puerto Rico

TrumpPence Neglect

Face of Duplicity – Jeff Flake, Arizona

The now retired Senator from Arizona, Jeff Flake, talked a good anti trump game, but when it came right to it, voted with him and in favor of Trump’s “appointees”, every time.

Mitch snake in turtle neck

snake in turtle neck – Mitch McConnell GOP fails to provide Constitutionally mandated oversight of Executive Branch, sabotages Judicial Branch (Merrick Garland) and places America in jeopardy

American Body Politic I (Pre 2016) II (Post 2016) & III (2018)

American Body Politic I (pre 2016)

*technically this post contains both protest art (for the commentary on the change in the body politic, not making a statement of goodness or badness) and tribute Art: Frida Kahlo. It started out as a drawing of Frida.

American Body Politic pre 2016

American Body Politic II (post 2016)

American Body Politic III (2018)

Future state

Every Child is Protected by US Constitution, in greater measure than lobby groups. No NRA.

Every Child

Every child Is protected by the United States Constitution, in greater measure than lobby groups draping themselves in flag. A good Constitutional custodian does not let the corners fray.

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